Cedar Shingles Curling: Causes, Effects, and Solutions

Why Cedar Shingles/Shakes Curl & What does it mean?

Cedar shingles are a popular roofing material because of their rich, warm colors that enhance a home’s beauty and curb appeal. However, maintaining the attractive appearance of cedar shingles requires care and maintenance. One of the most common issues homeowners face with cedar shingles is curling.

What is Curling?

Curling, also known as cupping, occurs when shingles change shape, becoming distorted or curled at the edges. Initially, shingles are flat and smooth, giving a clean, polished look to the roof. Over time, slight curling is natural and can add character to your home. However, excessive curling is a sign of a problem that needs immediate attention from a professional.

Why Do Cedar Shingles Curl?

Cedar shingles are made from natural hardwood, which reacts to weather conditions. Constant exposure to intense sunlight and heat during the day, followed by cold temperatures at night and in winter, causes the wood to expand and contract. Additionally, shingles are regularly exposed to moisture, especially in wet climates. This combination of factors can cause cedar shingles to curl and warp over time.

What Should You Do if Your Cedar Shingles Curl?

Slight curling in a few shingles is normal and adds character to your roof. However, if you notice excessive curling in several shingles, it’s a sign that you need professional assistance or possibly a shingle replacement. Other signs of damage to look out for include cracking, splitting, and fraying. Damaged shingles should be replaced promptly to ensure they continue to protect your home effectively.

Avoid attempting to replace shingles yourself, as improper handling can damage the roof structure and lead to costly repairs. A professional can replace the shingles carefully without harming the underlying roof structure.

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