Cedar roofs are known for their durability and resilience, and with proper maintenance, they can last for decades. Hiring a professional to maintain your roof annually can help extend its lifespan. However, if you prefer not to invest in annual contracts, you should perform a visual inspection of your roof periodically to ensure it remains clean and in good condition. Here are some signs indicating that your cedar roof needs cleaning:

1. Visible Debris

Cedar shingles are naturally bright and vibrant, so if your roof starts to look dull and soiled, it’s time for a cleaning. Allowing dust and debris to accumulate on the shingles can lead to corrosion and physical damage. Perform a close-up inspection by climbing a ladder to determine the extent of the dirt. Professionals use pressure cleaning, which is very effective in restoring the appearance of your roof quickly.

2. Black Streaks

While cedar roofs naturally fade to a grey color with age, visible black streaks and marks indicate a problem. These streaks can signal serious issues within the shingles’ structure. It’s crucial to hire a professional to clean these streaks immediately. Delaying the cleaning can result in further damage.

3. Moss and Lichen

Moss and lichen commonly grow on wood and trees in the wild, making your cedar roof susceptible. If the cedar is exposed to moisture and not properly sealed, moss and lichen can grow on the surface. Their roots can penetrate the shingles, compromising their structural integrity. If you notice moss or lichen on your roof, contact a professional to remove them carefully without damaging the shingles.

4. Broken and Misshapen Shingles

Broken and misshapen shingles need to be replaced to protect the roof structure and the property beneath. This damage often indicates poor cleaning and accumulated dust or moss. When replacing shingles, ask the professional to clean the roof thoroughly to prevent future issues.

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