How Should You Clean a Tile Roof in Toronto GTA?

Installing a tile roof may come with a higher initial cost compared to other materials, but it stands out for its durability and minimal maintenance needs. With proper upkeep, a tile roof can last several centuries. If longevity is your goal, opting for slate tiles is an excellent choice. Apart from being fireproof and highly wind-resistant, tile roofs are impervious to rot, pests, and are energy-efficient.

The preferred cleaning technique for maintaining the pristine condition of a tile roof is soft washing. Regular cleaning ensures the roof retains its original color and integrity. Soft washing uses a gentle, low-pressure stream combined with an eco-friendly solution to effectively clean the roof without risking damage to the tiles—pressure washing, in contrast, might crack or displace them.

Professionals recommend that tile roofs be soft washed every three years to remove debris, lichen, algae, and dust. This maintenance not only keeps the roof visually appealing but also extends its lifespan. However, due to the complexity and risks involved, such as walking on a slick roof, it is advisable to entrust this task to professional cleaners to ensure safety and effectiveness.

Tips for Maintaining a Tile Roof in Toronto GTA

To keep your tile roof in top condition, follow these helpful tips:

Debris Removal: Begin by clearing off any loose debris using a wire brush and a leaf blower. This initial step prevents accumulations that can harbor moisture and foster organic growth.

Clearing Gutters: Simultaneously, make sure to clean out the gutters. A clogged gutter can lead to water backing up and causing damage.

Soft Washing Method:
Use an eco-friendly cleaning solution applied via soft wash. This approach targets the biological growth roots on the tiles, making it easier for natural elements like sunlight and rain to complete the cleaning process.

Regular Inspections and Cleaning:
While durable, tile roofs are not indestructible. Regular cleaning is essential to prevent issues like moss accumulation, which can retain moisture and lead to cracks in the tiles from freeze and thaw cycles. Cracked tiles can allow water infiltration, damaging the underlying roofing materials. Additionally, organic buildup can prevent proper water drainage, leading to pooling and further damage.

Consider Wildlife:
Birds and insects are attracted to moss and can cause further deterioration through their activities. Regular cleaning helps deter these pests from causing additional damage.

Environmental Factors:
Like all roofing types, tile roofs are subject to collecting dust, pollen, and dirt, which underscores the need for periodic maintenance.

Professional Cleaning Services for Tile Roofs

If you’re considering getting your tile roof cleaned, contact a professional service like Alblaster. We specialize in the soft washing process that effectively cleans your roof while preserving its integrity. Contact us for a free estimate and to learn more about how our services can rejuvenate the appearance of your tile roof.

Should you have any questions or need further assistance, our team is ready to help. Ensuring your tile roof remains beautiful and functional for decades is our priority.