Softwash Cedar Roof Cleaning Process: Enhancing Longevity and Aesthetics

Why Roof Maintenance Matters!

Cedar roofs, known for their durability and natural beauty, require regular cleaning and maintenance to reach their full lifespan of 30-40 years. Neglecting this essential upkeep can result in premature deterioration, leading to costly repairs or even a roof replacement.

Combatting Decay with Gentle Techniques

Cedar is resilient, but it is susceptible to decay when exposed to moisture and infested by moss, mold, mildew, lichen, or fungi. Our specialized non-pressure cleaning process effectively removes these infestations, halting the deteriorating condition and restoring the cedar shakes to their optimal state. By investing in regular softwash cleaning, you can avoid the need for premature roof replacements and costly repairs, with the treatment cost typically amounting to less than 5-7% of the total replacement cost.

Preserving Your Roof without Damage

Walking on aging cedar roofs can lead to extensive cracking and potential leaks due to the brittleness of the shakes. At The Cedar Cleaners, all roof cleaning is conducted from the safety of boom lift and ladders, ensuring no damage to your property. We use boom lift offers exceptional reach and height capability, enabling us to access even the tallest roofs while protecting your lawn with ground pressure mats and stabilizers.

Safe, Eco-Friendly Solutions for Optimal Results

Our cleaning solution is specially formulated to be safe, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly, ensuring it does not harm your home, plants, or pets. With a blend of fungicide, mildewcide, and algaecide, our solution effectively eliminates moss, mold, mildew, algae, lichen, and fungi infestations. A biodegradable surfactant soap aids in clinging the solution to the shakes, facilitating a thorough cleaning process without the use of damaging high pressure.

Gentle, Effective Cleaning Process

Unlike traditional pressure washing that can damage cedar shakes, our softwash approach utilizes ‘garden-hose’ pressure or, in some cases, a very low-pressure washer not exceeding 300 psi. This gentle method ensures the preservation of the wood fiber and extends the life expectancy of the roof. Our eco-friendly solution is sprayed on the roof, left to dwell for approximately 20 minutes, then rinsed off using gentle garden-hose pressure to clean and restore each cedar shake individually.

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Protecting Your Property and Plants

During the cleaning process, we take great care to protect your plants and property:

  1. Run-off system: Our solution is diverted away from your property via tubing connected to your downspouts, safeguarding your plants from any potential harm.
  2. Plant pre-rinsing: We pre-rinse and rinse all plants during the process, using tarps if necessary for added protection.
  3. Property clean-up: Before leaving, we ensure your home is spotless by rinsing down windows, cladding, walkways, and other surfaces, leaving your property clean and tidy.

At The Cedar Cleaners, we are dedicated to delivering outstanding softwash cedar roof cleaning services that not only improve the longevity and aesthetics of your property but also enhance its overall value. Trust in our expertise and commitment as we serve Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. Experience the transformative effects of softwash cleaning on your cedar roof by contacting us today to schedule a consultation.

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