Asbestos Roof Cleaning in Toronto GTA

Asbestos roof cleaning carries significant risks due to the potential release of harmful asbestos fibers when disturbed. These fibers, when airborne, can contaminate the surrounding environment, posing severe health risks to families and communities. This guide provides essential insights into safely managing the dangers associated with asbestos roof cleaning.

The Hazards of Pressure Cleaning Asbestos Roofs

Pressure cleaning or washing asbestos roofs can strip away the top layer, creating a wet, fibrous sludge. This sludge can be propelled up to 15 meters from the roof depending on the roof height and wind conditions, contaminating neighboring properties. Once this sludge dries, the asbestos fibers become friable—easily crumbled and capable of becoming airborne, which is when they pose the greatest hazard.

Microscopic Dangers

The microscopic fibers from an asbestos roof can easily become airborne after cleaning, significantly increasing the risk of inhalation by humans, which can lead to serious health issues including respiratory problems and even life-threatening diseases such as asbestosis and mesothelioma.

Safe Cleaning Practices for Asbestos Roofs

Before attempting to clean an asbestos roof, it’s crucial to seek professional advice regarding the roof’s condition and the safest methods for handling the material. If the roof is deteriorating, consider replacing it, a process that needs to be handled with extreme care to prevent asbestos contamination.

  • Containment Strategies: When dismantling an asbestos roof, using specific products that adhere to the asbestos can prevent fibers from becoming airborne.
  • Assessment of Debris: Consider the presence of moss, mold, lichen, dirt, and other debris such as pollen spores and plant foliage that may need to be managed during the cleaning process.

Roof Treatment Options

For roofs where moss and mold are predominant, certain treatments can be applied to the asbestos surface that incapacitate mold and facilitate its removal by natural weathering, without disturbing the roof structure.

Soft Washing Technique

Employing a soft wash technique, which involves the application of sodium hypochlorite, can effectively clean less-established black mold on asbestos roofs without agitating the roof surface. This method ensures that the roof is cleaned without making the asbestos friable.

Consult Multiple Experts

Always consult multiple experts to ensure that you adopt the safest and most effective approach to cleaning your asbestos roof. Remember, cleaning an asbestos roof using pressure washing or scrubbing can lead to costly decontamination processes. Property owners and contractors can be held liable for improper cleaning that leads to widespread contamination.

Due to the high risks involved, never attempt to clean an asbestos roof without professional guidance. The costs for improper cleaning can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars and might require intervention from multiple specialist teams.

If you are considering having your roof cleaned or need more information about safe practices for asbestos roof cleaning, contact us today for a free quote and expert advice. Protect your health and your community by ensuring your asbestos roof is handled correctly.