Importance of Maintenance for Cedar Shake Roofs Regular maintenance is crucial for the upkeep of a cedar shake roof. When left unattended, the growth of moss, bacteria, and the accumulation of leaves and debris can trap moisture, leading to decay and ultimately reducing the roof’s lifespan. To prevent this, it is essential to remove any overhanging branches and, if necessary, trees that encroach on the roof.

To ensure the longevity of your cedar roof, we offer comprehensive services. Our team will diligently remove all debris that may have accumulated on your roof. Additionally, we use a specially formulated solution that effectively eliminates moss, lichens, mold, fungi, and bacteria. Rest assured, any overspray that may come into contact with windows, siding, or other surfaces will be thoroughly rinsed.

It is important to note that all our work is conducted from a ladder, and we do not walk on your cedar roof. This approach minimizes the risk of damage and ensures the safety of your roof.

By investing in annual maintenance, you can maximize the lifespan of your cedar roof, extending it up to 30-45 years. Furthermore, our services will enhance the appearance and curb appeal of your home.

Failure to perform regular maintenance on your roof may result in the need for replacement within a span of 10-15 years. It is highly recommended that you conduct thorough inspections of your roof for any signs of damage, debris accumulation, or mold growth at least twice annually, specifically during the Spring and Fall seasons. Additionally, it is crucial to inspect your roof after experiencing a hailstorm, severe wind event, or snowstorm to ensure its structural integrity.

For more detailed information, please see Publications below:

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