Did you know?...Cedar Shakes are the ONLY Roofing Material Which NEEDS to be Maintained!

Watch This Video on How To Bring Your Cedar Shakes Wood Roof Back to its Original Beauty

A Cedar Shakes Roof Has the Potential to Last Sixty to One Hundred Years!

Whether your roof is made from western red cedar, cypress or from redwood trees, a cedar shakes wood roof is organic...like your Teeth! If you don't clean and maintain your teeth, you know what happens...You'll Lose Them! It's the same principle as with a Cedar Shakes Wood Roof.

Safeguard your wood roof now and you should get an additional ten to fifteen years of life out of it ...maintenance is a lot less expensive than having to buy a NEW roof.

Is Your Roof Looking Dilapidated?  Take another look at the video above and see if you can identify these issues on your roof ... Are the shingles deteriorating? Do you see brown rot fungi, mildew or algae on the shakes?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions, the cedar shakes can't breathe properly. Wood shakes need ongoing maintenance and will actually STOP deteriorating when we clean and protect them from the elements.

What We Do To Bring Your Roof Back to Life

Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaners Has Given Over 650 Roofs New Life. Here's How:

?Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning Services Uses Non-Toxic Ingredients and Protects Your Pets and Property!

OUR Proprietary Cleaning S?olution is Different Than Any Other Cleaner/Treatment:

  • Nontoxic and non-caustic.
  • Formulated with a citrus-based component.
  • Contains algaecide, mildewcide, and fungicide.
  • Utilizes a steam processed oil to rehydrate the shakes.
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This is What We W?ILL NOT? DO

  • ?We Will NOT Walk on Your Roof 
  • We Will NOT Use a Pressure or Power Washer to Clean Your Roof

What People Are Saying About Our Cedar Wood Roof Cleaning Service

John Doe UI/UX Designer

"I thought we were going to have to re-side part or the entire home!"

“We purchased a large home that is sided with cedar shakes. It was almost 18 years old and had no maintenance since it was constructed. Bruce treated our siding and the outcome was just amazing. I thought we were going to have to re-side part or the entire home but now it looks like we can get another 20 or more years out of our siding. The cost was much lower than I expected. I couldn’t be happier I called!"

Michael Thompson
- Pella, IA Cedar Siding Cleaning

“I was contemplating the cost of a new roof with dread...”

“I thank my lucky stars I found Sullivan Roof Cleaning. My 26 year old roof indeed looked sad and I was contemplating the cost of a new roof with dread. Mr Sullivan assured me that cedar shakes are the best type of roofing and all they needed was a good cleaning.Mr. Sullivan is friendly, not intimidating, and a very hard worker. He sticks to the job until it’s finished. The cleaning was worth every penny and it’s a wonderful feeling not to have to worry about the cost of replacing the roof.”

Christy B.
- Cedar Roof Cleaning, Rock Island, Illinois
John Doe UI/UX Designer


The Benefits of Maintaining Your Cedar Wood Roof
  • Longevity
    Extend the Life Span of Your Beautiful Cedar Roof
    • Price
      About 5% of the Replacement Cost on Average to Clean/Treat
      • Rids Your Wood Roof of Infestations
      • Enhances the Appearance of Your Home...New life at a fraction of the cost of replacement.
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     Bruce Sullivan and Maria
    Sullivan Roof Cleaning, Inc.

    About Sullivan Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning

    Sullivan Cedar Shakes Roof Cleaning is a family owned and operated roof cleaning service. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, we've used our proven cleaning products and service to preserve cedar roofs across the entire Midwest region. Our Service Areas include Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Kansas and Florida (during winter months).

    Over the past few years, Bruce and Maria have become the top cedar cleaners in the country. Because of their passion for the education on proper cedar maintenance, they have been happy to share and train other roof cleaners in their proven cleaning method.

    05/20/15: Hannaford Farm Buildings, Sugar Grove, Illinois

    05/20/15: Hannaford Farm Buildings, Sugar Grove, Illinois

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