Don't Replace Your Cedar Roof Until You Read This!

Your Wood Roof May Not Need to Be Replaced - Clean It Instead!

What's On Your Wood Roof?

Did you know that the Number One deteriorating infestation on a wood roof is brown rot fungi?

         Each Roof Has Its Unique Situation. Are you seeing lichen, moss, mold, mildew and brown rot fungi?                What infestations have become embedded in the shakes over time?


Your Cedar Roof Can Be Made to Look Like NEW. Wood Is Natural and Has Longevity...if you take care of it!

Most Cedar Roofs Can Be Cleaned/Treated for a Fraction of the Cost of Getting a New One!

How Do You Clean a Wood Roof? What is the Soft Wash Process?

My company is the first to develop a wood roof cleaning process and solution that requires no walking on wood roofs or using any form of pressure i.e. pressure washer to clean them. We use a Non-Toxic, Non-Caustic citrus-based algaecide, mildewcide, and fungicide and continue with a steam processed oil to help rehydrate and preserve the shakes.

Many companies that clean cedar roofs use a solution that has caustic elements to it and cleaning requires walking on the roof and having to use a power washer to remove the infestation and debris. This had been the process used in the past and most have just continued using this type of process today. Not only is walking on a wood roof and using a pressure washer to clean potentially harmful to the roof but potentially very dangerous to humans.

Cost of Cleaning a Cedar Wood Roof

Size Doesn't Matter...It's What's On Your Wood Roof and What We Have to Do to Get Your Roof Back to Its Natural Condition Which Determines the Cost

How To Determine Whether or Not Your Wood Roof Needs to Be Cleaned or Replaced

The price for our non-pressure process cleaning/treatment is around 5% of the replacement cost, and one cleaning/treatment will last between 7-10 years! After having looked at other types of roof cleaning services, weÂ’ve also found our pricing to be about a third of the cost of others who use much more invasive processes to clean your roof.

"After moving into our house earlier this summer we were told our roof would probably last 3-5 years because of its age and issues. After our cleaning from Sullivan Roof Cleaning our roof looks brand new. We would recommend Sullivan Roof Cleaning to anyone with a wood shake roof that needs to be cleaned. "                    ....Ryan Cedar Roof Cleaning, Kansas City, MO.

Sullivan Cedar Roof Cleaning
The Benefits of Maintaining Your Cedar Wood Roof
  • Longevity
    Extend the Life Span of Your Beautiful Cedar Roof
  • Price
    About 5% of the Replacement Cost on Average to Clean/Treat
  • Rids Your Wood Roof of Infestations and Enhances the Appearance of Your Home.
    Cleaning your wood roof will give it new life at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Maintain Your Roof and You Will Keep It for Many Years to Come

Our Cedar Shake Roof Cleaning & Treatment Process Will Add an Extra 10 Years of Life to your Roof, with the added bonus of great curb appeal at a fraction of the cost of a premature roof replacement.

What People Are Saying About Our Cedar Wood Roof Cleaning Service

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"Great service. Very professional. Obvious Bruce takes pride in his work."

“Delivered service as promised. Fully satisfied. Have recommended service to others."        Â– Toni Thorson, Lincoln, NE

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“The house looked like it did after construction”

“Bruce and Maria did a fantastic job for us. Our cedar shake roof and siding was covered with moss and algae. After they cleaned both the roof and siding, the house looked like it did after construction. I would highly recommend Sullivan Roof Cleaning."

– Dan Uston, Leawood, KS

John Doe UI/UX Designer

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Over the past few years, Bruce and Maria have become the top cedar cleaners in the country. Because of their passion for the education on proper cedar maintenance, they have been happy to share and train other roof cleaners in their proven cleaning method.

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